Historical Interest
We invite you to discover the beauty of these surroundings full of history and surprising heritage..
Interes Historico Vegueta Suites1478 2

Suites 1478 is the quintessential essence of the Vegueta district, where past and present come together in harmony to produce a wonderful union of culture, history and life ranging from judicial, administrative and religious activities through to business, tourism and residential life.

The historic district of Vegueta owes its name to the meadows that used to exist all around Real de Las Palmas, known as La Vegueta de Santa Ana at the time. It was declared a Site of National Artistic-Historic Interest by Decree on 5 April 1973 and is dear to the hearts of everyone who lives in our city. It is the place where the city was founded and from where the Crown of Castile began its conquest of the Canary Islands, as well as the best-preserved historic centre anywhere in the Canary Islands, which went on to serve as a template for cities to come in America.

This area is home to the most significant historic milestones for the city, the oldest architecture and the most outstanding places of cultural interest. Its bright alleyways welcome visitors to explore its hidden corners on a stroll that is always a pleasant experience.